It was the year Oregon was admitted to the Union as a free State.

It was the year the Richmond Enquirer recommended the establishment of a strict surveillance over northern visitors as well as the Virginians who dealt with them.

It was the year overland mail arrived in St. Louis from San Francisco in 24 days.

It was the year John Brown led a raiding party of 16 white and 5 black men on the Federal Arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. At his trial, John Brown was found guilty of treason, conspiracy and murder and was hanged. Ralph Waldo Emerson hailed him as ".... that new saint who will make the gallows glorious like the Cross."

It was the year Harriet Beecher Stowe accepted an invitation to dine at the Atlantic Club on stipulation that no wine be served.

It was the year Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Billy the Kid were born.

It was the year Washington Irving died.

It was the year Episcopalians in Hackettstown built St. James church and were admitted as a Parish in union with the Diocese of New Jersey in Burlington.

It was the year 1859.

The Ven. Sydney E. Grant
The Rev. Arthur Wing III