St. James' Vestry

St. James' is governed by a Vestry, a board of nine vestry members and two wardens (think of them as chairpersons of the board: one senior warden and one junior warden). There is also a clerk who keeps minutes and records, a treasurer who monitors the finances, and a bookkeeper. The Vestry is responsible for the fiscal health of the parish, and under the direction of the Rector, for the spiritual health as well.

The Vestry meets monthly to conduct the business of the parish and maintain the vision of its mission and ministry. They work as a team, sharing responsibility for the work of the church. Each year following elections in February, the Vestry gathers apart from the church in retreat. It is a time of assessing where we have been and planning where God would have us go.

St. James Vestry
Back Row: Nancy Miller, Bill Critchley, Paul Bartkus, Barbara Olesen, Peter Quelly, Chris Krauss;
Front Row: Janice Cipriani, Claudia Scala, Sam Wood

Paul Bartkus, Senior Warden
Barbara Olesen, Junior Warden
Class of 2017
William Critchley
Barabra Olesen
Claudia Scala
Class of 2018
Paul Bartkus
Chris Krauss
Nancy Miller
Class of 2019
Janice Cipriani
Pam Laura
Sam Wood

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