Spiritual Journey

Saint James' Episcopal Church - Hackettstown, New Jersey

Holy Communion

Because baptism is full initiation into the church, the Episcopal Church (as does the entire Anglican Communion) encourages all baptized children of God to receive Holy Communion regardless of their age. In the Baptismal Rite, the priest marks every candidate, young or old, as "Christ's own forever." That person is invited, encouraged and welcome to receive the spiritual nurture of the ongoing sacramental presence of God. We also recognize that some parents wish to delay their child’s receiving communion until they are older. There is a celebration of "First Communion" to mark this time, and it is celebrated individually.

We believe that the altar from which we serve the Eucharist (another name for Holy Communion, literally, "thanksgiving") is God’s table. Therefore, we welcome you to receive the sacrament of bread and wine regardless of where you may find yourself on your spiritual journey.