What We Do


Saint James' Episcopal Church - Hackettstown, New Jersey

Food is an integral part of all our activities; we are a people of the table, both the altar and the dining table. On the first Sunday of each month, we share breakfast at 9 am, a time between our two services so all the worshipping people can have fellowship together. There are regular dinners and activities with refreshment for body as well as spirit. And each Sunday we celebrate the "eighth sacrament," Coffee Hour, which follows the 10 AM service.

Fun is a part of celebrating our work and our common life together. Whether it is marching in the Hackettstown Memorial Day Parade or solving a Murder Mystery, we enjoy each others' company in re-creation events.

Fundraising events help us to balance our budget as well as provide opportunities to work together to support our ministries. From our annual Tricky Tray which is known as one of the best around, to bake sales and presence at local events like Hackettstown Community Day, we work to raise money and raise awareness of our dynamic community.